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Old Meyer Plow Sales Literature

The Jeep pictured above is a scan of a Meyer post card. The Jeep has a rear plow as well as a front plow. The steel cab on the Jeep was also made by Meyer.


This one is framed and hanging on the wall along with the postcard above.

Here is the June 1, 1969 Price List from Kaiser for the Meyer Pull Plow.

Click on the pic above of the Kaiser Jeep List Price sheet for a close up view. It was $67.68 for the rear blade!


Here is a view of the back of an old Meyer ST-108 from a Meyer sales brochure I have. I am a bit confused because
the Husky (C Series) 8 and 9 replaced the ST-96 and ST-108, and the Husky was released in 1969 according to
Meyer, and Power Angling was also released in 1969. The curve of the ST-108 moldboard in this picture matches the later HM Series.


Here is the front and back of another Meyer ST-108 Sales Brochure we have on the wall. Click for a larger view.


Here is the front and back of a brochure for the Meyer Angle Dozer for trucks and tractors we have on the wall.



Meyer Plows Meyer Broom, V Plow... Meyer Drop Spreader Meyer Cabs for Jeep




The above ads came from a Kaiser Jeep Accessory Brochure.

We have more brochures to add as time allows.



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